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Release Updates

Keep up to date on all the releases to the Hindsight app.
Releases are ordered reverse chronologically.

28th September 2022

  • Fixes: correct an issue when updating multiple client billing plans using pagination view
  • Fixes: correct problem with alert filters in the client record scrolling to the top of the page when clicked
  • Improvements: send an email to practice admin when an organisation has become disconnected from Xero. Autocomplete alerts outstanding after a 3-day period
  • Improvements: add a warning that disconnecting from Hindsight will stop sync with Xero and alerts will be inaccurate
  • Improvements: autocomplete alerts when downgrading from paid to free plan
  • New: allow users to add a note to alert items before completing or dismissing alerts

4th August 2022

  • Fixes:  amend duplicate postings logic to improve speed and reliability
  • New: create alert for the inconsistent use of VAT tax rates on contact records

3rd July 2022

  • Fixes:  do not allow manual sync on an org that is not active to avoid an infinite loop
  • Fixes: amend trial end logic so all orgs converted to free plan unless payment method in place
  • Fixes: amend trial start logic so all connected orgs begin on a paid plan during 28 day trial period
  • Fixes:  all orgs converted to free plan when downgrading practice account from paid to free
  • Improvements: auto-complete outstanding free alerts when org upgraded to a paid plan

3rd June 2022

  • Fixes:  amend the duplicate postings match trigger threshold to 80%
  • Fixes: fix portlet heights and scrollers on free and portfolio dashboard
  • Fixes: amend the display on the free dashboard to show the first 5 results on all portlets
  • Fixes:  amend the logic on the client graph displaying the total alerts for the past 30 days to include all alerts for all users not just logged in user
  • Fixes: correct logic when syncing a new organisation to avoid hitting Xero API limits and delaying sync until the following day
  • Fixes: correct logic for manual sync to force alerts to regenerate
  • Fixes: correct portlets on the second row of the portfolio dashboard to display more than first five records

4th March 2022

  • Improvements: trigger alerts for new organisations added as soon as the data has synced with Xero.  No longer wait until the following morning.
  • Improvements: create a separate trial and free account sign up experience.  No longer have a trial if you only want to access the free plan.
  • Improvements: force a manual resync of data with Xero and regenerate alerts and Heart Rate
  • Improvements: add the last sync date to the client overview panel so you can see the last time the data synced with Xero
  • Fixes:  correct the narrative on the supplier bills alert description when the variable for days has been updated
  • Fixes: corrected an issue where the % calculation was not displaying on the credit card alert
  • Fixes: correct credit card alert setting where credit cards were not being displayed with bank accounts
  • Fixes:  corrected issue with the bank balance graph on the alert displaying continual balances if the bank feed has stopped

15th January 2022

  • New: created a demo MOT report so you can see what the report looks like if you have no clients on the free plan
  • New: Portfolio dashboard showing only the clients that you are assigned and alerts have been generated – filtering the noise
  • Improvements: complete review of all pages and update screen display layouts to work better on all sizes
  • Improvements: update tables in the alert description to be export data, search and sort data being displayed and pagination options
  • Improvements: amend empty bank and credit credit alert settings on client tabs to display comment that no accounts are present
  • Improvements: add totals for alerts in  alert filter dropdown and sort the results with highest alerts first
  • Improvements:  add tick visual to panels in the system when there are no results to be displayed making it clearer to see what is up to date
  • Fixes: corrected an issue where the alert variables did not display full width when selecting the modal within the alert description
  • Fixes: correct style of negative bank balance % being displayed on alert description
  • Fixes:  stopped the client page from refreshing each time you moved tabs or completed an action

8th December 2021

  • New: create new data grids with greater functionality such as chart ranges and pivot table creation in place of table on client page to be rolled out across all tables within Hindsight
  • New: Open Sales Credit new alert to find those pesky customer accounts with money due to them
  • New: Xero Report Hotlinks from alerts to the place you need to be in Xero, do what you need and avoid the faff
  • New:  PDF versions of the Heart Rate and MOT reports that can de downloaded and distributed.  Whip those clients into shape pronto.
  • Improvements: Example dashboards so if you don’t have access to a dashboard you can at least get a feel for what data is available
  • Improvements: added data table with Xero hotlinks to sales invoice due and supplier bills due for better visibility of problems and quick navigation
  • Improvements: extended the idea of client portfolio view from dashboards across the entire system
  • Improvements: information hovers and help guide links to make it easier for users to understand what they are looking at where to get help
  • Improvements: update practice defaults and alert settings formats for easier navigation and grouping of alert types
  • Fixes: corrected an issue with future dated transactions alert where it did not always pick up on the fact that the transaction had been corrected resulting in the user having to dismiss the alert
  • Fixes: removed old alert settings for bank alerts that were moved to their own tab last month

5th November 2021

  • New: Create a new client overview panel for clients on a paid subscription to give better visibility over key client metrics in one screen
  • Improvements: Split out unreconciled bank transactions and last reconciled bank date alerts to provide flexibility of settings for all accounts individually, added tables to insights page and Heart Rate report to reflect additional data
  • Improvements: Add ‘Free’ alerts filter to alerts page and client alerts page for easier navigation and review
  • Improvements: Update wording on MOT report for better explanation of why no clients are visible
  • Fixes: Make User Dashboard charts larger, correct issue with top of chart being cut off, improve responsive layout
  • Fixes: Correct snooze date format on bank and credit card thresholds to be consistent with other alert settings
  • Fixes: Amend the responsive layout of the panels on the Free dashboard so items do not appear outside and underneath panels
  • Fixes: Ensure all panels are removed from the User and Manager Dashboards when all clients are set to ‘free’
  • Fixes: Add in the % trigger threshold on the overdraft and credit card thresholds
  • Fixes: Amend the calculation for the total client tiles on the clients page to show NA when all clients connected have no prior year data

8th October 2021

  • New: Assignee Performance Metrics User Dashboard to understand how you stack up against your colleagues
  • New: Team Performance Metrics Manager Dashboard to see how your team measure up to the other teams
  • Improvements: Added live chat option inside of Hindsight to make it easier to ask questions and get support
  • Fixes: Correct sync issue when a bank account name is amended
  • Fixes: Adjust the bank sync job so bank accounts sync before alerts are generated causing incorrect alert generation
  • Fixes: Correct an issue on the client view where the total tiles included organisations that had been disconnected
  • Fixes: Amend alert settings modal to include a scroller on smaller display for bank and credit card to be able to update all settings
  • Fixes: Amend the value displayed on the draft invoices and bills alerts to display the gross amount instead of net amount

15th September 2021

  • New: Basic alerts suite to be used on the free tier
  • New: Dashboard to present the new basic alert suite and worst 5 client records
  • New: Creation of a new MOT report to present the data generated from the new free tier
  • New: Add Hotlinks to alerts triggered for easy and quick navigation to Xero transaction
  • Improvements: Added number of days left to quarter end and year end to Client View table
  • Improvements: Reorder the Client View table order to avoid excessive use of draggable columns
  • Fixes: Correct issue with colour of average Heart Rate graph on User Dashboard, colour dependent on the average score achieved
  • Fixes: Adjust Practice dashboard panels to improve sizing on smaller display
  • Fixes: Remove current dashboard from dashboard dropdown selection options
  • Fixes: Amend alert settings modal to include a scroller on smaller display to be able to update all settings
  • Fixes: Amend formatting of bank and credit card alert if displaying negative balance

17th August 2021

  • New: Manager Dashboard displaying key client and team data to drive decision making around task and team management
  • New: Onboarding wizard to take a new practice through the relevant stages to get account activated
  • Improvements: Add message outputs on dashboard if no data displayed
  • Improvements: Change colour of badge, days to quarter end and year end on Client Key Data to reflect how close to period end
  • Improvements: Add alerts and transactions data to the client record for a complete picture of a client in one place
  • Improvements: Remove bank tile from client overview to improve the overall display if bank accounts with multiple currencies present
  • Improvements: Add nominal account code name to variance analysis alert to make it easier to find in Xero
  • Improvements: Alerts switched off identified on the Heart Rate by a switcher which is clickable to navigate to alert settings
  • Fixes: Correct issue with alerts filter resetting when pagination used
  • Fixes: Remove pointer from page header icon causing confusion as not clickable
  • Fixes: Remove current dashboard from dashboard dropdown selection options
  • Fixes: Improve height of portlets on dashboards, add scrollers, only show data where user logged in is assigned user or manager
  • Fixes: Correct Heart Rate score calculation where some alerts switched off still included in calculation

20th July 2021

  • New: User Dashboard displaying key client data to drive decision making around time allocation
  • New: Practice defaults allowing practices to set their own alert defaults to apply to clients on connection
  • New: Client user roles setting structure for alerts, dashboards and performance metrics
  • New: Bookkeeping status at client level to flag whether internal or external bookkeeping job
  • Improvements: Update transactions page to include periods, new UI and table sorting options
  • Improvements: Reconfigure support centre in app to show more support options
  • Improvements: Add hover to client data on client page to show what period range the data is pulled from
  • Fixes: Bunch of formatting changes around icon sets and page headers

8th June 2021

  • New: Add Heart Rate monitor to Heart Rate report showing last 90 days overall Heart Rate
  • New: Add functionality for item level actions in a multi transactional alert, including dismiss and exclude
  • New: Add number badge to alerts to identify when an alert contains multiple items
  • Improvements: Add Heart Rate to the client overview screen
  • Improvements: Update client overview screen to move columns and sort by multiple columns
  • Improvements: Update format of alerts page to avoid screen resolution issues.  Filters moved to top of screen with guidance on filters enabled.  Ability to clear all filters with single click.
  • Improvements: Default assignee selected is the user logged in when navigating to the alerts screen.
  • Improvements: Priority filters moved to replace date filtering options which were made redundant with the provision of alert auto complete.
  • Fixes: Filters and page numbers do not reset when completing an alert.

28th May 2021

  • New: Add Client Key Data tooltip to provide instant access to key dates and details with countdown to next deadlines
  • New: Auto complete alerts.  Complete the previous days alerts if corrective action taken and replace with new alert if generated again today.  Avoids multiple instances of the same alert being present.
  • Fixes: Correct date format on dashboard when no date set in Xero
  • Improvements: Remove client overview tiles from dashboard

31 March 2021

  • New Insight: Negative Receivables Balance
  • New Insight: Asset Balances
  • New Insight: Liability Balances
  • New Insight: Credit Notes Raised
  • New Insight: Dormant Accounts
  • Improvements: Update screen resolution so alerts panel displays correct on lower resolution display
  • Improvements: New icon added to insights screen to display when insight hasn’t run yet
  • Improvements: Page navigation added to insights page to avoid infinite page scrolling

8 February 2021

  • New: Fetch users from Xero

29 January 2021

  • New: Sign up with Xero – ability to create account from Xero marketplace

15 January 2021

  • Improvements: Replaced monitor graph with tiled widgets to better display transaction heart rate by type.
  • Improvements:  Linked heart rate tiles to the relevant section of the report for easier/quicker navigation.
  • Improvements:  Added tooltips to the heart reate rows for clearer indication of what the insight is running.

8 January 2021

  • Improvements: When a new user is added the invite is automatically sent to them without the admin having to sent it separately.  Enable the user to choose to set password or use Xero SSO.
  •  Improvements: Audit Log updated table format to be searchable, filterable and add date range picker.

5 January 2021

  • New: Sign in with Xero button added to the login page allowing users to login using Xero account.
  • New:  Added new Heart Rate report for monitoring the quality score of a clients records.

18 November 2021

  • Improvements: You can now drill down into the detail on the Dashboard panels for easier/quicker navigation.