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Leave no client behind with flexible plans to work for your entire Xero client base

Adaptable pricing plans to suit each client and your firms particular needs and budget

Unlimited users

Up to 28 Day Free Trial

No card required

All pricing plans are in GBP excluding VAT

Peace of mind


Get peace of mind that all clients issues and risks are being flagged in real time even if you only talk once a year




Continuously monitor client records, streamline compliance, create capacity and take control by seeing the untapped insight

Appreciated by accountants across the world

Don't just take our word for it check out some of our Xero App Store reviews below
John Oddy
Good to great
"Hindsight will change the culture of what is accepted as good enough information for an accounting firm. There is no hiding with this software. It lays bare to any user the shortcoming, imbalances and inaccuracies in the data- nothing can be swept under the carpet."
John Oddy
Managing Partner
28th September 2021
Lee Kaznowski
Maximise your time
"Hindsight provides constant insights into client performance with an easy to use platform. Enabling a continuous accounting approach without the need to log into each clients Xero."
Lee Kaznowski
12th October 2021
Know more about your clients but work less!
"With Hindsight, I can see exactly what's happening with all the clients in one go without needing to log in to each client on Xero. I can see what bank feeds need reconciling first, where a client is behind and needs a prompt or more support. It gives lots of helpful information in an excellent overview that saves a lot of time."
Mel Stollery
1st September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix plans?

Yes.  We want you to surface information to all clients at all levels.  That means flexibility for you to put clients on a plan that offers you value for money. 

How does billing work?

After your 28 day free trial has expired you can choose a plan and enter payment details.  You will then be billed in monthly cycles using those payment details.  You will be charged a full month for any active client during the period.

Is there a minimum contract?

No.  There is no minimum contract. Billing is completed on a monthly cycle.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes.  The more clients you add to a paid plan the lower the per client fee becomes.  Speak to us about what discounts we may be able to offer.

What is included in the 28 day trial?

Every new practice is entitled to up to a 28 day free trial.  During that trial period you are free to use all of the tools available in Hindsight without limitation.  At the end of your trial simply start paying or downgrade to free.

How can I pay for Hindsight?

You will only be asked for payment details upon completion of the free trial.  Customers can make payment via Direct Debit or Card payment depending on geographic location.