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Xero Integration

We’ve built the Xero integration to be easy and quick.  A lot of thought has gone into how we can make the process as simple as possible and get you advising your clients as fast as we can.  As such there are minimal settings that you need to be aware of.  It is a case of connecting an organisation and the data will flow into Hindsight.  From within Hindsight we have built in default client parameters so all insights will work out of the box.  You can of course change these to suit your individual circumstances.

What does the integration do

Below is a diagram of what data we bring into Hindsight from Xero.  The connection allows for the flow of data from Xero into Hindsight.  We do not push data back into Xero.  If you wish to make any corrections this is done in Xero and then picked up by Hindsight in the next sync.  The sync takes place in the early hours of the morning GMT/BST.

Hindsight also allows for a manual sync should you wish to update your client record immediately.


Hindsight Client

Data is used to run client insights & alerts, transactions and heart rate views.

Xero Organisation

Organisation details
Invoice Reminders
Credit notes
Manual Journals

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