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Xero Hotlinks

Workflows are massively important in your day to day work as an accountant or bookkeeper.  Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of mouse clicks and minutes spent in a day, week or year navigating between different systems 😕.  Didn’t think so you’ve got better things to do but it is a lot.  That’s not even taking into account the lost time every time your concentration is broken.

Imagine if that time could be put to better use – like helping clients?  Now we are talking.  Where it makes sense we have added Xero Hotlinks to make it easier to navigate to where you need to be.  That means it doesn’t matter what client you are looking at in Hindsight we can transport you direct to where you need to be in Xero so you can review and edit what you need to at the click of a link.  No more unnecessary switching between client orgs or navigating through countless screens.

Xero Transaction Hotlinks

A Xero transaction hotlink is exactly what it says.  A hotlink through to the underlying transaction in Xero.  If Hindsight has generated an alert which is of a transactional nature we have included a hotlink inside the alert for you to go direct to the offending transaction and correct where necessary.  In the column header called Invoice Ref below you can see the Xero icon and a hyperlink on the invoice number.

Clicking on the invoice number will take you to the transaction in Xero.  If you are not logged in to Xero at the time you will be requested to login and then be directed to the transaction.  The hyperlinks are set to open in a new window so need to press CTRL + the hyperlink.  If you are logged in to another organisation you will be taken directly to the client for the transaction hyperlink.  No more unnecessary navigating around Xero.

Xero Report Hotlinks

Sometimes it is not enough to just look at an individual transaction and you need a bit more context by looking at a report.  Where we feel this is likely to be a need we have added in a Xero Report Hotlink into the alert header as shown below for the Aged Payables Detail report.

Clicking on the Aged Payables Detail link will. take you to the relevant clients report for further investigation.  The hyperlink will open in a new window so no need to press CTRL + the hyperlink.  If you are not logged in you will need to login to Xero before proceeding to the relevant report.  If you are logged in to another organisation you will be taken directly to the client for the report hyperlink.  No more unnecessary navigating around Xero.

Xero Screen Hotlinks

There may be occasions when Hindsight flags an alert where it does not make sense to look at a report so instead we will direct you to where we feel is a relevant starting point in Xero.  An example of this would be Unapproved Supplier Bills as shown below.  We have a hyperlink to the transaction but also a link to the Draft Supplier Bills section in Xero.  The items are not posted to the ledger yet so looking at a report is not going to help us.  On further investigation I did find other transactions with draft status that hadn’t quite met the alert threshold but I resolved those at the same time.

The clients books and records are now up to date.

Xero Settings Hotlinks

For some alerts in Hindsight the corrective action might be a visit to the relevant settings page within Xero such as Invoice Reminders not being turned on where the hyperlink will take you to invoice settings in Xero.  As with the other Xero hotlink items the link is placed in the alert header.

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