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Unreconciled Transactions 

 What:  Shows you the unreconciled bank transactions in Xero per bank account.

When:  Checks daily whether the number of transactions exceeds your threshold.  

Why:  Reconciling your bank account is the bedrock of good records.  If the bank is not reconciled, then there is no point starting on any other tasks.  It is critical to have your bank account reconciled for completeness of records. 

How:  We display the number of unreconciled items across your bank accounts in Xero along with the trigger threshold.  We also total the value of the unreconciled amounts and the date of the oldest item.  Use this information to get your internal team up to date or to notify clients you cannot support them unless they keep their records up to date.  As an example you can’t start the accounts, VAT return or management accounts if this is not up to date. 


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