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Unapproved Supplier Bills

Unapproved supplier bills in Hindsight will display an alert when you have bills that have not been approved for a number of days.  We are not showing you all bills as there may be a valid reason they are draft and the client may have a particular workflow where it would be wrong to flag them up each day.  As such you can set the number of days since that bill was last edited.  This allows a level of tolerance.  From the screen below we can see that in this instance the threshold has been set at 7 days.

We have a bill that has not been approved within the 7 day threshold so this has generated an alert.  In the example below I know that this bill was processed via Hubdoc and paid by credit card.  I will probably have a corresponding unreconciled bank transaction for this invoice.  The reason this bill was posted as draft rather than approved was to allow for the currency to be changed as the client does not have multi-currency Xero due to the very low volume currency transactions.

Once the item has been approved in Xero I can then mark it as complete in Hindsight to let the system know it has been dealt with and update my dashboards.  If for any reason I was not going to approve this bill and I did not want Hindsight to keep reminding me I could instead ‘Dismiss’ this alert.  That would tell Hindsight that I have not processed the bill but I do not wish to be notified about it again.


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