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Unapproved Sales Invoices 

What:  Have you posted all of your transactions in Xero? 

Why:  It is not uncommon to complete a VAT return or accounts to find multiple unapproved sales invoices.  If they are unapproved, they are not reflected in your accounting records.  This means your reports are not up to date and you may have not sent sales invoices to customers.  All indications that your processes are not working correctly and more important your actual cash position could be completely different if you had posted these items. 

When:  Triggers daily depending on the parameters set.  This is based on the number of days since the item was last edited.  As an example, you may set up a draft sales invoice and edit it multiple times throughout the month adding items as you sell them which is perfectly OK.  We will only flag this up if you have not touched the invoice within x days. 

How:  We show you the trigger alongside the number of unapproved items, value of those items and the dates of the oldest unapproved transaction. 





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