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Trial Signup

When you signup to Hindsight you will have the option of selecting whether you wish to sign up for a Free or Trial account.


With the Trial account you can:

  1. connect as many client organisations as you like
  2. add as many users as you like
  3. access more than 20 event and exception based alerts
  4. access portfolio, manager and user dashboard functionality
  5. review portfolio wide insights to ascertain if there are process, procedure or system issues and potential opportunities
  6. review client transaction volumes to understand what is happening with a client, pricing adjustments and process issues
  7. access client portfolio functionality
  8. create a Heart Rate report

The trial period lasts for 28 days.  During the trial period:

  • Have a partner success call to ensure you have configured Hindsight to gain maximum value from your trial
  • Book a value support call at any point to ask any questions you may have
  • We will remind you when you have 14 days left of your trial
  • We will remind you when you have 7 days left of your trial
  • Book a trial end call so we can discuss what options are best for you when your trial comes to an end
  • Sign up as a partner at any point you have seen enough

During your trial period you are free to switch between the free and paid plans as you wish.  At the end of your trial period you will need an active payment method in place to continue using the paid plan.

Hindsight Free vs Paid Plan

If you would like to know more about the differences between free and paid functionality read more


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