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Using the Transactions page within Hindsight you can track the volume of transactions by client by month.

This information is useful in the following situations:

  1. Enabling you to get a better understanding of price versus volume.  How much do you charge clients in relation to the volume of transactions.  Is the volume of transactions by client a better indicator of the work involved than gut instinct?
  2. If you are working on fixed fees a fluctuation in transactional volume can prompt a fee review either up or down depending on what is happening with the clients business.
  3. A significant change in volume of transactions may indicate overtrading and you can assist clients before it is to late.
  4. Spotting seasonal cycles to help you better plan workloads.
  5. Seeing when someone is running behind the normal run rate.  Is someone sick or on holiday does a client need assistance?

Transactions Data Graph

You can select the period you wish to see from the top of the page.  Choosing a period drives the comparative figures displayed, updates the the data table and the graph being displayed.  We are pulling 24 months worth of transactional data so running the last 12 months gives you a comparison to the previous full 12 months.

When hovering on the graph you will be able to see the totals by month.  If you wish to drill down into a particular subset of transaction types then you can click on the legend names to exclude those types from the graph.

Transactions Data Panel

The data panel displays the totals by clients for the period selected in the dropdown.  In this instance we are looking at the last 12 months.  We can see significant decreases in all areas.  Why is that?  What is it telling us?  What do we need to investigate?  What corrective action needs to be taken?

The data table displays the number of transactions per type for the period selected.  The change vs prior period is the volume change in transactions and the percentage volume change.  The grey bar is empty displaying a negative change.  If the change is positive the bar will increase based on the percentage change.

Transactions Data Table

The data table displays your transaction volumes by client by month.  By default the table is sorted alphabetically but you can use the column headers to sort the totals by any transaction type you like.  Below I have sorted the data table by the total transactions in ascending order.

By clicking on any row you can open that row to display the individual months that make up the report period.

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