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Sometimes you just want a bit of peace and quiet to concentrate.  We all need that time.

You can ‘Snooze’ an alert to do just that.  When you snooze an alert you are not turning it off we will simply not notify you about it for a period of time.  This comes in handy when you need to confirm something with a client or team member and they are on holiday.  

There are two ways to Snooze an alert.  The most logical is from the generated alert.  You can do this by clicking on the blue cog icon in the upper right of the alert panel.

Clicking on the cog will open the alert settings panel for this alert.  Using the date picker or key manually enter a date to snooze the alert until that date.  When we reach the snooze date the alert will run and only if it triggers will the alert be generated.  You can see from the example below that I had snoozed the alert until the 4th November and the last triggered date was 4th November.

You can see the snooze date on an alert by going to the Alert Settings in the client record.  Please note that we do not clear snooze dates once we have passed the date.  If you see an old date rest assured that alert is still generating after that date.

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