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Sales / Supplier Invoices Due 

What:  Are you being paid on time?  Are you paying suppliers on time? 

Why:  In order to maintain good cash flow and relationships you need to keep on top of customer and supplier payments.   Are customers paying you and then what action to take if they are not (this can be coupled with the invoice reminders and bank balances to show a couple of other issues).  If you do not pay suppliers on time you run the risk of creating a problem in your supply chain.  What is the cost of not having the stock you need because they haven’t delivered your goods?  

When:  Triggers daily depending on the parameters you have set based on the number of days until an invoice is due/overdue. 

How:  We identify the invoices that have met the criteria and highlight the values and total % of your ledger that is overdue.  Below you can see that all £22k is overdue with the oldest invoice being due way back in on 28th August 2020. 

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