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Practice Defaults

No two practices are created equal.  You are all unique and beautiful in your own way.

Hindsight comes with its own set of alert defaults but we thought it even better if you could assign your own practice wide defaults to alert settings.  This means when you add a new client organisation you can choose to use your own practice defaults to start from your own view of what is standard for your clients.  This will help filter out the noise very quickly.

The practice default settings are located in the practice admin from the main navigation section then under the practice defaults tab.

Updating Practice Defaults

From this page you can decide on the practice wide settings you would like to apply to each client as the starting point when adding a new organisation.  Work through each of the alert settings by setting the variable, priority and user role.  As a practice if you decide something isn’t right for your clients turn it off.  If you only work with cash business turn off invoice reminders and sales invoices due.  They will not be offering you much value.

Save Practice Defaults

Unlike on the client settings page where any changes are made each save is not stored automatically so do not forget to click save at the bottom of the page once you have finished working through your practice defaults.

Using Practice Defaults

Now you have added practice defaults you can use these across all your clients in a couple of ways.  The first when you connect a new organisation and the second if you wish to have a tidy up on a client and reset their alerts to default.

Applying Practice Defaults

To apply the practice defaults simply click on the apply button.

You will then be prompted to confirm you wish to make this change as it will overwrite any alert settings you have stored against that client.

Once you have applied the practice defaults you will want to double check they apply for each client as everyone is unique.  To review and amend any client specific alert settings that can be done from the client settings at client level.

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