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Open Supplier Credit

The open supplier credit alert notifies you if there are any unallocated supplier credit notes on a clients accounts payable.

An open supplier credit should be allocated against a purchase bill to reduce the amount of money to be paid to the supplier.  If there are no open purchase bills or you are no longer purchasing from this supplier you will need to make arrangements with them to return the money as this is cash that is due back to the business.

If it is a small balance you may consider writing this off by adding a dummy purchase bill to clear the open credit or voiding the transaction.  If the balance is very small you need to take a commercial decision as to whether it is worth chasing.

Lots of credits against a single supplier may indicate an issue with the purchase/supply process with that supplier and could warrant further investigation.

Once you have dealt with any open supplier credits you can hit the complete button to notify Hindsight that the alert has been taken care off.

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