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MOT Report

The MOT Report in Hindsight is the ‘Free’ Heart Rate report equivalent.  It shows the current status of alerts for those clients you have on a free billing plan.  Each alert is detailed with a tick when the alert is within the assigned parameters and a cross when the client Xero data falls outside those parameters.  A simple pass or fail scenario.

Each item is neatly contained within a report that can be used for internal purposes or provided to the client via a PDF download option to help identify areas that need attention in order to get the client records in good order.

MOT Report PDF Example


The MOT Report is accessed from the Reports section in the main navigation.

Select the client and Run Report.

Please note only clients that are on the free plan and that you are assigned to will appear in the dropdown list.


If you have no clients on the free plan then you will be notified to this affect with the following message.

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