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Manual Sync

We get it.  You have done a shed load of work tidying up client records and you want that reflected in your Hindsight stats.

As you complete your alerts the dashboards will update but if you are looking for something a bit more full on and want a complete refresh such as updating the Heart Rate scores then you will need to complete a manual sync.  You can see the last time Hindsight synced with Xero by looking at the Heart Rate panel on the client record (only available on paid plans) or visiting the Data Sync tab in the client record.

You can do this by going to the Client record and then selecting the Data Sync tab.

On this page you will be able to click the Sync Now and Run Alerts button.  This will start the process of collecting your data from Xero again and re-running the alerts.  The button will not allow you to click it again and the Synced icon will change.  At this point the sync is working and will look like the below.  As we complete syncing with each endpoint in Xero it will present a green tick.  When all items including the Alerts have gone green the sync has completed.  The Last Sync date and time will also be updated to reflect this.

Please consider before doing this that anything processed in Xero since we did the last sync (normally first thing this morning) will also be factored in.  Do not be surprised to see more alerts generated than you cleared if someone has been making a mess.  

The manual sync will take a couple of minutes to process.  Feel free to work on something else while we collect the data in the background.

Once all the ticks have gone green and the date and time have been updated to reflect the latest sync then all is good.  You will need to run the Heart Rate report in order for the updated Heart Rate score to be reflected across the system.

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