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Last Invoice Raised

There is absolutely no point running a business if you do not invoice your customers on a frequent basis or worse still do not invoice them at all.  That is why we created the ‘last invoice raised’ alert in Hindsight.  We will keep on top of your sales ledger for you and your clients based on how their business operates.

That’s right it doesn’t matter whether clients raise invoices daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  Whatever their normal cycle is we can help you keep an eye on it.  If you do the bookkeeping better still.  We’ll make sure you never get caught out by forgetting to raise the sales invoices for clients.  No one wants that.  Simply add the number of days into the Variable column and we’ll take care of the rest.

If we detect that a sales invoice hasn’t been generated within that timeframe we will alert you.  No need to second guess no need to check in with the client or every single Xero record.

As we can see below this client has not raised an invoice for 11 days which falls outside of the 7 days we were expecting.

That being said they don’t look like they raise invoices each week and perhaps we should be looking to change it to 14 days to avoid being alerted each week.  Maybe the business has changed their invoicing cycle or there is some long term sickness.  Either way worth a quick conversation with the client to get a better understanding of what is happening with the business.  If we do the bookkeeping perhaps there might be an internal issue that needs addressing.

As well as getting a feel for the frequency of the sales invoicing Hindsight also shows you the value and number of invoices that have been raised so you get a good indication of what direction the business is going in.


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