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Insights Overview

Insights are snippets of information that you may find hard to discover or would take considerable human input to calculate.  They are there to help direct you to things that are useful to know from an accountants view point as it will help you guide your clients decision making process about how they operate their business or spotting ways in which they could improve their finance function.

Insights when switched on across your portfolio will help you spot trends and anomalies across your whole portfolio allowing you to direct your attention to areas of concern efficiently.

Red crosses along a row could indicate a problem client whereas red crosses down a column could indicate a procedural problem or a sales opportunity.


Insights Status

Green ticks indicate that all is fine for that client on that insight.  It is within the agreed parameters that you set for them.

Red crosses indicate that the client has a problem.  The insight has fallen outside of the agreed parameters that you set for them and needs further investigation.  Simply click on the red cross to expose the data that sits behind that issue.  We have included the same information that is displayed when looking at the alerts section to enable you to get a quick understanding of the root problem without navigating away.

With Xero hotlinks provided where possible this makes for a nice easy workflow to fully understand the needs of a client.

Client Key Data

If you require a bit more context around a clients situation you can hover over the clients name to get some key data including how many days to the next financial quarter or year end.

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