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Help Links and Information Hovers

There’s a lot going on everyday for an accountant and its impossible to remember everything.  Trying to remember what each bit in Hindsight does could be considered a job in itself.  We’ve tried to make this a little bit easier for you (and us if we’re being honest as we also forget from time to time 😳).

Help Links

Whenever you see the icon in Hindsight this is an external link to a help guide to give you more detail about what Hindsight is doing and how to use it.

Simply click on the and you’ll be transported to the relevant help section in the knowledgebase on our website.

Are we missing anything?  If there is something in Hindsight that you feel would benefit from a help guide please let us know so we can support you in getting as much value from the system as possible.

Information Hovers

Information hovers are similar to the help links in that they are there to help you.  The information hovers however do not link to an external help guide.  They are just a quick snippet of information to provide further information and guidance as to how a piece of information is calculated or additional piece of context.

Whenever you see the icon in Hindsight this is an information hover.  Simply hover over it to get more context about what you are looking at.

If you ask it then we will add it.  There are no stupid questions and we can guarantee if you are asking a question then plenty of others have also done so without reaching out.  If something warrants further explanation and clarity we’ll aim to add a help guide or information hover.


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