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Heart Rate Overview

The quality of a clients underlying accounting records is the bedrock of any good work you will complete for them.  The idea of the Heart Rate tool is to check and then monitor the health of those accounting records.  Whether the work is completed by your internal team or externally by the client.  It will guide training and pricing changes.

Heart Rate looks at the health of the transactions. The higher the score the better the client records. The score has been split into 4 categories to ensure that a high overall score does not mask an area that needs attention.  The score is calculated using the priority that has been assigned to each insight.

The Heart Rate is a useful tool for onboarding, training, client upselling, bookkeeping checks. The lower the heart rate the more work that will need to be completed on the account.

When you click on the heart rate category you are taken to the details of that category.

This is an example of a higher heart rate. It shows you what areas you need to work on as well as the areas that are okay.  Whilst the screen shows 3 crosses the overall score is still high at 90 because the total available score was 29 and the client scored 26.  This would indicate this client has multiple bank accounts and a small number of those accounts had an issue.


Heart Rate scores are set in line with the priority levels Medium (1point), Urgent(2point) and Critical(3point) so specific to client and practices.

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