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Free Signup

When you signup to Hindsight you will have the option of selecting whether you wish to sign up for a Free or Trial account.


With the Free account you can:

  1. connect as many client organisations as you like
  2. add as many users as you like
  3. access 9 alerts (unreconciled bank transactions,
  4. access dashboard functionality (see the worst 5 client organisations)
  5. access client functionality
  6. create an MOT report

You cannot upgrade client organisations to a paid plan (unless you upgrade your account and have an active payment method in place).

The free plan is perfect for those clients that you may not have regular contact with or do not pay for additional management information or support.  It allows you to take the lead in flagging up to the client things they may not be aware are negatively impacting their business.  Best of all these conversation starters cost you absolutely nothing whilst demonstrating value you bring to the client.  Who knows some might even pay you extra for this service!

Hindsight Free vs Paid Plan

If you would like to know more about the differences between free and paid functionality read more


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