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Duplicate Postings

It is not difficult to end up with multiple copies of the same bills and therefore process duplicates.

The major problems with duplicates are overclaiming VAT, understating profit and potentially paying out the cash more than once.  Hindsight cannot avoid these things happening but what it can do is notify you when it has happened so you have the ability to react and correct the situation before it becomes a big problem – death by a thousand cuts.

Beneath you can see that we have two duplicates to display for this client with Xero hotlinks to take you tom the transaction in Xero to determine if it is a genuine duplicate.  Take corrective in Xero as necessary and mark the duplicate as Complete.

If you are not going to take corrective action in Xero you will need to mark the alert as Dismiss to tell Hindsight not to keep flagging up the duplicate.  On further investigation the Microsoft invoice whilst a duplicate had corrected an earlier issue with the account and our records are actually correct overall.  We would need to unpick a years worth of transactions to correct so in fact we will leave things how they are but Dismiss the alert to avoid Hindsight reminding us about it.

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