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Draft Invoices

It is important to check that all sales invoices have been posted into the ledgers in Xero.  If you have draft invoices they are not included in the ledgers and do not form part of the aged receivables reports, profit and loss or get added into the VAT return.  It is vital to maintain good cashflow that invoices are raised on a regular basis and issued to customers when the work has been completed.

As you can tell from the above something as simple as forgetting to approve an invoice can impact the VAT, cash and profit being displayed for a client.  If you forget to approve invoices you run the risk of not being paid by customers on time.

Hindsight will check the accounts receivable ledger for each client everyday and prompt you when there is an invoice with draft status.  If you would like more control over when these invoices appear you may wish to consider upgrading to the paid plan where you can decide how long an invoice is draft before it is flagged, the priority of the alert, who it is assigned, Xero hotlinks and the ability to easily download the transactions for sending to a client.

Once you have checked the bill and approved it you can click on the complete button to let Hindsight know that you have tackled the alert.

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