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Disconnect organisation

There may be occasion that you feel the need to disconnect an organisation.  Disconnecting an organisation removes the link between Xero and Hindsight.  It does not delete the client record or any of the associated data in Hindsight.  It simply means no further alerts will trigger, dashboard metrics will not update for that client record as we have stopped pulling data from Xero.    If you do wish to delete an organisation then you will first have to disconnect it.  We hope we haven’t upset you – please let us know before breaking up with us, as there may be something we can do to put this right.  Failing that we’ve made it easy peasy for us to both move on.

Navigate to the Clients section of Hindsight.  From the client in question under the Actions column select View.


This will take you to the Client Details tab.  In the bottom right hand corner of this tab you can simply hit the Disconnect from Xero button to disconnect the organisation from Xero.


As soon as this happens you will be diverted back to the Clients screen and see the message confirming that organisation has been disconnected.


This does not mean that the organisation has been deleted in Hindsight but it has been disconnected from Xero so no new data will come into Hindsight for this organisation.

Delete Organisation

If you wish to delete the organisation forever, you can do so by going back into that Client > Actions > View and from the Client Details tab click on the red deleted button.


Reconnect Organisation

Alternatively if at a later date you wish to reconnect you may click on the Connect to Xero button to re-establish the connection with Xero.



Last Reviewed: 1613001600