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Disabled Account

An admin has the ability to disable a users account.  You may wish to do this when someone leaves your employment.  This can be done from the User record in Practice Admin.  You can only navigate to this section of the system if you have Admin rights for the practice.

If you do not see this option on the main navigation section you do not have sufficient access rights to disable a user account.

Click on the edit icon next to the users name that you wish to disable.

From the status section amend the selection to Disabled and then click Update.  The users account has been disabled and they will no longer be able to login to Hindsight.

If you attempt to login when your account has been disabled you will see the following message.  If this is a mistake please contact your Practice Admin and they can reverse the above process to reactivate your account.  If you are the Practice Admin then please email us per the link on the login screen.

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