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Dashboard Overview

When you login to Hindsight you will be taken to the dashboard.  Until you connect a Xero organisation your dashboard tiles will be empty.  They will start to look like the below as data is pulled through from Xero.

All of the tiles are interactive. So if  you click on a client you will go through to the relevant section.

The figures for Total Sales and Total Profit are for 365 from yesterday and the comparison is the 365 days prior to that.

Figures for Bank Balance is the amount as of yesterday. Total transactions is the rolling 365 days figure.

Top Clients are really your Worst Clients as the higher the number the more Alerts you have to action.

From the dashboard you have the option to drill down to the relevant alerts for easy navigation. The only item that is not an Alert is the Period Lock Date.  Clicking on the Period Lock Date will take you to the Client Overview screen.

You can also easily connect an organisation to Xero from the dashboard using the connect to Xero button.



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