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Client Record

Each client that is connected to Hindsight has its own client record.  What is displayed in that client record depends on whether the client is on a free or paid plan.  This page explains what you will see when the client is on the free plan.

Client Panel

The top portion of the client record is what we refer to as the client panel.  This displays information about the client that lives within Xero for easy reference point.  In the screen above you can see that we have:

Client name (the star after the name indicates that we are responsible for the bookkeeping) and the date Hindsight last synced with Xero and generated alerts

Client telephone number an address

Client industry as entered into Xero

In the bottom portion of the panel we are showing some key metrics:

The total sales per the last 365 days

The total profit per the last 365 days

The total of all accounts in the client setup as a bank account as at the last sync

The total number of transactions for the last 12 full months

The next section in the client record shows you different tabs with some additional information.

Client Details

The client details section shows you more information about the client.  Apart from the Bookkeeping and Plan fields all data is pulled from Xero.  If you wish to update any of this data you should amend it in Xero.  When we complete the next sync this will update Hindsight.

The Company Registration Number (for limited companies) is a hyperlink to the Companies House record on the public record.

Updating the bookkeeping field will add the star after a clients name to visually display when working through the system who is responsible for the information being returned by the alerts.

Only users with Practice Admin and Manager access will see the plan details so only Practice Admins and Managers can amend the billing plan that a client is on.  If you do not have an active Direct Debit mandate you will not be able to upgrade clients to paid.  Please contact us should you wish to upgrade.

Client User Roles

From the User Roles tab you can see which staff members have access to this client and which role.  The ticks control who can see the clients.  In this instance only Mike and Jon would see information for this client in their dashboards, alerts, client portfolio and MOT reports as they are the only staff members assigned to the client.  If you have Practice Admin or Manager rights you can amend the settings.  If you have several to amend we would recommend that you do this from the Practice Admin > Users > Client Access screen as you can manage this in bulk.

Data Sync

The data sync tab displays when the last sync with Xero occurred.  You can do a manual sync by clicking on the Sync Now and Run Alerts button.  From the screen above we can see the sync is in progress by the icons being displayed.  If the sync was complete it would show as green ticks.

With the free plan in Hindsight we see there being less reason to use the manual sync option as there is no Heart Rate score being recalculated on a manual sync.  The only advantage would be to update what it being displayed on the free dashboard and refreshing the MOT report.  Perhaps if you were going to send that out to a client as a health check it would make sense to show your best work if you had been having a tidy up.

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