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Portfolio Overview

The clients tab shows you a list of all your connected clients, represented by a tick or a cross.  A cross being an organisation that is not currently connected to Xero and may require attention.


There is a search box if you want to enter the name of a specific company.  This is useful if you have many clients over several pages.

You can choose the number of clients you wish to show per page in the top left.

Page navigation in the bottom right of the page.

By clicking the client name this will take you into a client you will see all their data.

The tiles across the top of the Client Overview is a snapshot of information for all clients that are connected to Hindsight for the last 12 months.  The total bank balance showing the balances as at yesterday.

Sort Client Data

The column headers are sortable so you can see your clients sorted by sales, profit, financial year end etc to gain easy insight into the makeup of your clients.

You have the ability to sort by multiple columns at a time.  Simply make your first selection and then press Shift and click the next column.  As an example you could sort your clients by financial year end by profit to see if there are tax planning opportunities that you may provide.

Even better you could use it as a way to identify those clients who have a low Heart Rate coming up to the financial year end and need a prompt to sort out there stuff.

Draggable Columns

There is no one size fits all to how you would like to see your data so you can drag and drop the columns on the client view page into an order that makes sense for you.  Click and hold the column header and then drag the blue line into the position you would like to see your column and drop.

Coupled with being able to sort multiple columns at the same time this should enable you to gain some valuable insight from this information.

By clicking the client name this will take you into a client you will see all their data.


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