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Client Overview

The Client Overview gives a snapshot of the clients record in Hindsight.  The example above is for those clients on a paid billing plan in Hindsight.  If the client is on a free billing plan the overview below will be displayed.

Heart Rate panel

The first panel displays the summary Heart Rate information for the client.  This displays the overall quality score of the underlying bookkeeping records which is 33 and then broken down by section so as not to mask any one area where there could be a problem.  You can hover on the graph to see the overall Heart Rate score for the past 90 days.  For a more detailed understanding of the bookkeeping quality you could access the Heart Rate report.

Alerts panel

The second panel is providing data around the level of alerts for the client.  Firstly we are showing the current number of alerts that are outstanding split by the relevant category so you can see the level of work outstanding and the priority.  Underneath the graph is displaying the level of alerts over the last 30 day period so you can get an understanding of the direction the clients records are taking.  Hover over the graph to see the alert per day during the period.  In this instance an upwards trend would indicate that the books and performance of the client is declining and some form of corrective action is needed.

Transactions panel

The final panel displays a summary of the data available on the transactions page.  A high level overview for you to get a general understanding the direction the business is going in.  Transaction amounts shown here are for the last full calendar quarter and the comparison is the previous quarter.  If we are midway through November we would be displaying August to October transactions compared to May through July.

In the example above we can see instantly that the client has not raised any sales invoices during the quarter but as there are no comparison figures for the prior quarter that would indicate no sales invoices for the past 6 months which would warrant further investigation.  Taking into account a drop in transaction levels across all other areas this is a client we need to look more closely at.

The data shown above is what you will see if the client is on the ‘free’ billing plan.

Total sales  displays the total sales for the client using the Xero Profit and Loss report for the last 365 days.

Total Profit displays the total profit for the client using the Xero Profit and Loss report for the last 365 days.

Total Bank Balances displays the bank statement balance as at yesterday for any accounts setup as a bank account in Xero.

Total Transactions displays the total of invoices, bills, credit notes and manual journals lines for the last 365 days.  If you wish to see a further breakdown of these items you will need to be on a paid billing plan.

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