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Bookkeeping Status

The action you will take with a client is largely determined by whether they are a bookkeeping client or not.  Your next step will change depending on whether your colleague or client is the person you need to contact.

To make it simple we have added a bookkeeping status flag to the client record.  This adds a star icon as seen below to the end of a client name.  This is displayed across Hindsight not just in the client screen.  Understand at a glance who is responsible for the bookkeeping and formulate a plan of action quickly.

You can see from the dropdown we have provided for three different roles for bookkeeping:

  • Accountant = you the practice
  • Internal = the client has its own inhouse function
  • External = the client is responsible but they have an external person complete the work.  Perhaps another bookkeeping firm or freelancer.

Once you update Hindsight to who is responsible it will make it easier and quicker to make the right decisions with regards to next actions required.

This also presents this information for filtering of reports and metrics across Hindsight so you can compare how you perform against clients.  This data can be used for internal training purposes, client training and upsell opportunities.

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