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Bills Over 60 Days

Hindsight will check the aged payables each day for your clients and let you know of any older bills.  Those that are over 60 days from the bill date.  We are not looking at overdue bills with this alert just bills that are over 60 days.  If you would like more control about what bills are being displayed for clients you may consider upgrading to the paid plan where you can control this in more detail such as invoices that are overdue or due in x days, the priority of the alert, who it is assigned to, Xero hotlinks and the ability to download the transactions for sending to the client.

Hindsight will display a description of the alert.  In the example above we can see that for this client we have 3 bills over 60 days which totals £122.  If these bills were all paid we would still have £2,720 in the bank so we do have funds to make the payments.  The client usually pays the bills in 1 day (possibly most bills are settled by card or Direct Debit) but not these 3.  Have they been forgotten, are they duplicates or is there a query outstanding that needs resolving.  We can also see that in this instance the whole of the aged payables ledger is overdue as the progress bar is at 100%.  The client has no other bills to pay.

Once we have liaised with the client and made them aware of the situation we can take any corrective action that may be required.  After we have dealt with the 3 items we can click the complete button to let Hindsight know the alert has been dealt with.



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