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When connecting an organisation to Hindsight by default it will be added on the ‘free’ plan.  This is to avoid you being charged for a client during the next billing cycle if your intention is to put the client on the ‘paid’ plan then you need to change it.

Trial Period

During a trial we would recommend that you play around with switching the connected organisations between free and paid so you can get a feel for the differences between them and make an informed decision when your trial ends as to the right plan for each of your clients.

When switching from free to paid plans we warn the user that this will invoke a charge.  During your trial period you can ignore this.  You will not be charged.

For a list of all the differences between the free and paid plans please click on the link below.  There are links included in the document which will take you to the relevant help guide for more information.

HS Free vs paid

How to change a billing plan

There are two different ways to change the plan that a client is on.

Bulk changes

There may be occasions where you wish to change multiple clients at the same time.  Going through each client individually might be time consuming.  To update multiple clients at the same time you will need practice admin access.  If you do not see the cog icon in the main navigation menu then you do not have practice admin rights and you will need a colleague to complete for you.  The reason this is limited to a practice admin is to avoid team members moving clients from free to paid subscriptions unless they have the relevant business authority to do so.

To make the necessary changes go to Practice Admin > Billing > amend plans > Save

When moving between free and paid you will be requested to confirm you wish to proceed.  When moving from paid to free there will be a confirmation of the change taking place.

Charges are applied in line with our terms and conditions which can be found here.

Individual changes

If you are amending just one client you can do it by going to Clients > select client > Client Details > amend PlanOnly practice users with admin role will see this drop down option.

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