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Alerts Overview

Alerts are the most important part of the system.  An Alert is when something has fallen outside of the given parameters – it is transactional in nature. An Alert is something that could cause potential problems, something that needs resolving. Here is your Alert Screen.


Alerts can be filtered so that you can check by Insight, Assignees, Client and Priority type.  Any selections made here will update the alert panel to the right.


As you can see from the Clients dropdown your clients will be sorted by descending number of alerts so you can quickly navigate to the worst clients by alert volumes.

By clicking into the client you will be taken to the list of Alerts specific to that client.

You can also filter by Priority. Each Alert has 3 priority levels – Critical, Urgent and Medium.  These are colour coded and can be used in conjunction with any of the other filters available or on there own by clearing all filters.

Priorities are set by client. Hindsight do have default parameters to get you going but we do recommend that you set your own as you use the system so you can set what is important to you as a practice.

The data comes from Xero and is updated everyday so Alerts will be refreshed daily.  You can also choose to do a manual refresh from the client record.


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