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Alerts Filtered

As mentioned in Alerts Overview, you can filter Alerts by alert, assignee or client.

The filtered Alerts page looks like this.  By default the very first time you access the alerts page it will show just the alerts assigned to you.  If you see a blank screen it may indicate there were no alerts assigned to you that have triggered.  If you choose the Clear All button it will remove all filters applied to the list.

Any filters you apply will be stored and remembered so your list will appear with the same filters the next time you access the alerts section.


As you can see below you also have the ability to view alerts in order of priority. Critical, Urgent, Medium.


When you click on one of the Alerts the far right panel will change and show you what is wrong.



Once you have resolved any issues you can push complete and the alert will disappear.  Please note that as the alerts trigger daily if the underlying problem has not been corrected it will trigger again the following day.

For more information on how to deal with the alerts that have been generated please review our guide to alert management.


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