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Alert Notes

As part of of drive to improve the visibility over why actions have been taken in Hindsight we have add the option to add notes to alerts. If you are working with a high volume of clients of alerts it can be very difficult to remember why you took a certain course of action.

Now you have the option to add a note against any alert which is logged when you complete, dismiss or exclude an alert. This is particularly helpful when someone is looking for guidance on how an alert has been treated or corrected in the past or when a line manager may wish to understood why a particular option was chosen. This is the start of a series of changes where we will surface these alert notes in the client record for future review.

Adding a note

When inside an alert you may see the option to add a note. This option is not available against all alert types as there are instances like bank transaction where you cannot deal with transactions individually.

Editing a note

After a note has been added it will be saved to the database. You can then go back into the note and add further information. If someone else on the team has something to add or a line manager wants to update something they can go back into the note and additional information and save the note.

In this example I saved a note whilst I investigated further and once I had an answer I updated the note with a second comment and saved. The alert was dismissed. At a later stage if this is checked then the user can understand why we dismissed the alert rather than correcting it in Xero. It will potentially avoid us wasting time looking at it again.

Notes are only stored once the alert has been completed, dismissed or excluded. This attaches the note to that alert. As alerts are autocompleted each day if you add a note and that alert is overwritten then the note will be lost. You can use the note as a scratchpad to save progress but if you want to save that information permanently but have not finished looking into the problem save it elsewhere.

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