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Alert management

Hindsight checks in with your Xero organisation everyday.  If your alert parameters are not met that will trigger an alert.  A possible transactional problem that needs to be actioned.  The aim is to work through your list of alerts and take corrective action in Xero.  After you have done so mark the alert as complete so Hindsight knows what has or has not been completed.  For some alerts you may find you have other alert statuses such as dismiss or exclude.

Dismissing an alert allows you to tell Hindsight that you will not be taking corrective action for that item but not to continue flagging it.

Exclude enables you to remove whole customer, supplier or account codes from the checks it runs.

Complete tells Hindsight you have corrected the problem.  If that is not the case it will be flagged again tomorrow.


If you wish to see or change any of the setting of the alerts you can do this by pushing on the little cog next to the complete button. You will see this screen pop up.

From the insight settings you can edit parameters.

Variable – amend the threshold for the insight to trigger

Priority – amend the severity of the insight.  These determine the heart rate score and the order of the alerts in the list.

Alert User – when filtering and looking at individuals this will determine who the insight is assigned.

Snooze until – if you need to follow up on the alert because someone is on holiday, off sick or the client does not have time to look at this right now, you may snooze the insight.  This means it will not trigger again until the date which you set.

Alert on/off – this will allow you to turn on and off the alert as required.  By default all alerts are turned on for each new organisation added to avoid you spending lots of time going through and determining what to use.  There may be some insights that do not make sense for certain clients such as sales invoice reminders for a cash business so you can turn them off.

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