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Add Organisation

**If you have previously disconnected an organisation and want to re-connect it DO NOT follow this process.  You must re-connect the organisation from the client record.  Following this process will create a duplicate client record in Hindsight.**  If you wish to re-connect an organisation please follow these instructions.

To connect a Xero Organisation in Hindsight it is super easy. You can do it from either the Dashboard or the Clients screen by clicking on the Connect to Xero button shown below.  You will also need to have Admin access rights to add an organisation.


Once you click on the Connect to Xero button you will be asked to login to Xero if you are not already.  If you are using the Xero Single Sign On to access Hindsight then you will already be logged in to Xero. 

From here you will be asked which organisation you wish to add by clicking on the dropdown.  Then hit the Allow access button at the bottom of the page.


After a successful connection is made you will be diverted to the Clients screen and a green banner will appear at the top of the page confirming the organisation you have just connected.


It is that simple.  Your organisation is now connected to Hindsight.  

Once an organisation has connected you will see that data starts to be pulled across from Xero.  All of the insights work out of the box so apart from amending the alert default parameters you are good to go.  Don’t worry if some of the figures do not appear to match you Xero organisation at the beginning this will be corrected as data is pulled through from Xero over the next few minutes.




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