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Alert Notes

As part of of drive to improve the visibility over why actions have been taken in Hindsight we have add

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Bonus – a sum of money added to a person’s wages as a reward for good performance. “big Christmas bonuses”

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Inconsistent VAT

Humans are not machines and we can have a tendency to post things to different VAT rates depending on what

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Client Record

Each client that is connected to Hindsight has its own client record.  What is displayed in that client record depends

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Invoices Over 60 Days

Hindsight will check the aged receivables each day for your clients and let you know of any older invoices.  Those

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Open Customer Credit

The open customer credit alert notifies you if there are any unallocated customer credit notes on a clients accounts receivable.

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Draft Invoices

It is important to check that all sales invoices have been posted into the ledgers in Xero.  If you have

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