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Data Integrity

Accurate data is the foundation for everything

Clients have been told by accountants and software vendors they should do their own bookkeeping.  This leads accountants to managing data inputs from the untrained and inconsistent.

Minor errors that seem unimportant to business owners and hard to detect for accountants, become a severe risk for the business and a period end nightmare.

While without accurate data, any output or reporting to clients is at risk of leading them to take the wrong action.  Decision making capabilities are hamstrung.

Heart Rate

A quick snapshot of the overall health of a client

Identify the alerts triggered that indicate poor bookkeeping with categories that mean no problem area will remain masked.

Spot errors before clients do, while continual problems are repeatedly highlighted until serviced adequately.  Alerts cannot be dismissed, only actioned.

Calculation formulas are fully customisable and transparent with no secret sauce.

Audit Log

Continuous audit and improvement process

Gain visibility over each system and staff interaction with a single central source of truth for internal reports.

Monitor how Hindsight is used by staff to ensure they clear alerts, provide updates and take appropriate action.

Nothing is allowed to slip between the cracks.

Transaction Volume

Automatic transaction volume monitoring to enable you to spot anomalies

Provide proactive advice on how to minimise transactions, charge clients the right fee to provide the correct support.

Compare fee size by transactions volume and spot when internal teams are not keeping up to date.