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See The Full Picture

Show your clients you know what’s happening in their business, demonstrate your positive impact.

Start the day with a clear, up-to-date overview of the most important client issues, risks and opportunities to prioritise.

Automatic daily logins to each client’s accounts get the latest information from Xero, highlighting the most pertinent information delivered to your customisable dashboard.

Actively address concerns before they become a threat.  Identify issues, turn them to opportunities and bring in the solutions.

Win the recognition and appreciation from clients you and your team deserve.


Uncover hidden insights about your client records

Unique client records insights that can’t be easily identified elsewhere, are highlighted for you to be able to anticipate the needs, problems and possible outcomes.

Help your clients foresee problems before it’s too late.


Get potential risks automatically flagged

Reduce the noise generated by too much data, get alerted and surface the exceptions and issues most vital to address.

Prove to your clients you’re always aware of the crucial issues that may affect their business.


Leverage the data you control to initiate conversations

The worst feeling is to have all that data at your disposal and not being able to act on it.

Hindsight automatically surfaces unique opportunities across your entire client base to the pain points that can turn into opportunities for you to intervene and offer more value.

Stay on top of every underperforming client, and start the conversations to open the door for your value add services.

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