Product Update January 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to the first product update of 2022.

We continue to work on our VAT functionality and Workpapers solution which is our main focus for the foreseeable future.  While we carry out that work we will be adding a few new features and enhancements whilst continuing to keep on top of any bugs you may incur.


Portfolio Dashboard

This one has been a little while in the making.  Since we introduced the free dashboard back in September 2021 we knew we had to rebuild the old Practice dashboard.

We have replaced the old Practice Dashboard with a new version called Portfolio.  Why the change?  Because unlike the old dashboard this one is centred around those clients you have in your portfolio only.  No assignment to the client, no data.  This enables you to really filter out the noise.  Unlike the free dashboard which is generated from a sync with your Xero data this dashboard only displays data returned from your alerts.  This way we can keep the noise to a minimum.  Only the clients you work on and only the exceptions to your client rules.  Click on the hyperlinks in the dashboard to drill into the detail of what needs reviewing.

One simple, easy and effective place to get a thorough understanding of the client portfolio you are working on.

Don’t believe me? Read more

Example MOT Report

Gone is the blank screen of doom telling you that you have no clients on the free plan.  Instead you now get a nice clean example with demo data included so you can see what the MOT report looks like and compare it to the Heart Rate report to see which is the best fit for your client.  Perhaps you can build an additional service around the free tier and download the example report as a PDF to show a client what you could be doing for them to enhance your service offering.  Each fail item is a problem waiting to be solved.  Can you solve it?  Of course you can.

Want to know more about the MOT Report? Read more


Screen display sizes

We have been through each and every view within the system to double check how it looks for you.  After some extensive research around screen resolution and sizes what we were looking at was not necessarily what you were seeing and for that we apologise.  We have made several changes to the system to ensure that you should now be seeing things as they were designed and not how your screen resolution has displayed them.  One of those changes was to change the width of the alert list vs the alert description.  This enables us to display more of the data you need to see.  On a smaller screen you should also notice that the dashboards display as such rather than a list.

If you find that something does not quite look right for you please let us know.  It’s not you, it’s us.

Update Tables Functionality

Gone are the old static tables inside the alert description replaced with a table that you can search, sort (by multiple columns just shift and click) and export.  Need something that you need to bring to the attention of a colleague or client no worries we have you covered.  You can enter multiple search criteria in the search box by leaving a space between each item.  Filter and sort to display what you need and copy it into Slack, download it into Excel for further analysis or simply email the PDF version.  What ever you need we have you covered.

This avoids the need to pop back into Xero to run a report and distribute to the client when you have already done the leg work.

Alert Filter Totals

We don’t know about you but clicking on an alert to see a blank screen was a little annoying so we fixed it.  We have added totals into each of the alert filters so you can see if and how many of each alert has been generated.  This will avoid you clicking into an alert for no reward.  While we were at it we also sorted the alerts by descending order so you can tackle those big ticket items first.

Styling Changes


Where there is no data to display we have added a visual element so it is clear there is nothing that requires your attention.


If a client has no bank or credit card accounts in Xero we will display a new comment telling you there are no active accounts.  This avoids us displaying an empty table which looks like something may have gone wrong.


  • Fixes: corrected an issue where the alert variables did not display full width when selecting the modal within the alert description
  • Fixes: correct style of negative bank balance % being displayed on alert description
  • Fixes: stopped the client page from refreshing each time you moved tabs or completed an action

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