Product Update February 2022

Where has the time gone? No it hasn’t been tax return season for us but it may as well have been.  With February being such a short working month we manged to get a few bits done for you and some other behind the scenes stuff that you won’t see but needed to be done nonetheless.

We continue to work on our VAT functionality and Workpapers solution which is our main focus for the foreseeable future.  While we carry out that work we will be adding a few new features and enhancements whilst continuing to keep on top of any bugs you may incur.


Nothing new to report this month but we have made some things a little better so keep reading.


Automatic alerts for new organisations

When you connect a new organisation to Hindsight we will generate the alerts for that organisation as soon as the data has finished syncing with Xero.  Originally we waited until the usual alert run in the morning to give you an opportunity to tweak alert settings before they were generated.  However you would prefer to have the alerts generated straight away.  After all you connected the organisation for a reason and you do not want to wait especially if it is a Friday – you don’t want to wait until Monday.  It also stands to reason that you do not always know what you want the alert settings to be until we start serving data for that client.  For these reasons you will see the alerts presented a lot quicker.

When a client finishes syncing with Xero you will receive an email from Hindsight so if you check back at that stage you will be able to see all the wonders that have been presented.

Free Account Signup


This seems like a little change.  Quick drop down option.  We wish.  We have split out the options when signing up to a new account.  Rather than going through the trial route if you just want to sign up to a free account you can now do that.  When signing up choose the free option.  You can add as many organisations as you like on the free plan.  You will not be able to add any client organisations on to the paid plan unless you contact us in advance and setup a Direct Debit mandate.

What this has allowed us to do is also tweak the trial signup process.  When you signup for a trial you can add unlimited organisations on the paid plan for up to 28 days.  By default new organisations go on the paid plan but you can switch between the free and paid plan as you like.  At the end of your trial i.e. after 28 days any new organisations you add will default to the free plan so you only get charged for those organisations which you have consciously put onto the paid plan.  If you have not setup a Direct Debit before the end of your 28 day trial period your account will automatically be downgraded to a free account and all client organisations downgraded to free.

To find out more about our free plan read more

Manual Sync

Want to show of your handy work?  If you have spent a chunk of time tidying the books for a client why not revel in it for a little while.  You can now force a manual sync with Xero so if you start the day feeling down because you are awash with alerts don’t fret get to it.  Once you have completed alerts sync with Xero again so we can show you the fruits of your labour.

This will help you demonstrate the quality of the records.  Re-run the Heart Rate report and distribute it to a client to show them how great a job you are doing.  Best of all if your manager takes a look in the afternoon he will be mightily impressed with how well you are doing.

Last sync date

Hindsight syncs with Xero in the early hours and then generates the alerts and Heart Rate score.  We know some of you have wanted to know when this happens so we have added the last sync time and date to the Client Overview Panel and  Data Sync tab in the Client Record.  If you think something doesn’t quite look right you can now rule out a timing issue.


  • Fixes: correct the narrative on the supplier bills alert description when the variable for days has been updated
  • Fixes: corrected an issue where the % calculation was not displaying on the credit card alert
  • Fixes: correct credit card alert setting where credit cards were not being displayed with bank accounts
  • Fixes: corrected issue with the bank balance graph on the alert displaying continual balances if the bank feed has stopped

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