Product Update December 2021

This will be the last one of 2021 and what a year it has been for us and hopefully you.  Last time around the big update was adding the new client over view panels.  This time we’ve got some pretty special new additions for you.

We continue to work on our VAT functionality and Workpapers solution which is our main focus for the foreseeable future.  While we carry out that work we will be adding a few new features and enhancements whilst continuing to keep on top of any bugs you may incur.


New Grids On The Block


To say we are excited about this one is the understatement of 2021.

We have replaced the existing static Client table with a new grid solution.  This new way of providing data will underpin the new VAT and Workpaper solutions.  It could also provide fantastic benchmarking and reporting functionality. The only limitation is our imaginations and our capacity to build it.  Your data, your way.

All existing tables with be updated with the new grids but the they are much more than just grids.  They are sortable, draggable, filterable, groupable, chartable and even pivotable.  Any word you can think of and stick able on the end it can do it.

Don’t believe me? Read more

Open Sales Credits

This is a new alert.  An open credit note in isolation on accounts receivable does not present a particular problem but if there are lots of them could indicate a problem customer account, a potential cash flow problem if customers requested cash instead of offsetting against future invoices or it could uncover a deficiency in the sales invoicing process.

Want to know more about Open Sales Credits? Read more

Xero Report Hotlinks

We introduced Xero Transaction Hotlinks a few months back and at the time we promised to take a deeper look and see what else we could do.  We found some time and have added Xero Hotlinks to Reports, Screens and Settings.  You’ll find these in the alerts panel header title.  Sometimes looking at a single error in  isolation does not tell the whole story so we have added links to other parts of Xero we feel will make your navigation and issue resolution that much cleaner.

Want to know more about Xero Report and Screen Hotlinks? Read more

Heart Rate and MOT Report PDFs

This has been in the pipeline for a while but we finally got there.  Thanks for bearing with us.  You can download the Heart Rate and MOT reports as a PDF so you can send them out to a client.  We also took this opportunity to update the Heart Rate report header and make it a bit more pleasing on the eye.  If it is going to be sent to clients we want it looking its best for you.

Example Heart Rate report

Example MOT report 

Want to know more about Heart Rate Report PDF? Read more


Example Dashboards

It can be quite frustrating looking through the system to find a page you cannot access.  This has become more prevalent since the introduction of the free tier.  To provide a better experience we have added example dashboards for the free, user and manager dashboards.  The example dashboards will be displayed if you have no clients on either free or paid plans or you are not assigned to those clients with a client user role of user, manager or partner.

To learn more:

Free Dashboard

User Dashboard

Manager Dashboard

This was one of the first alerts we built.  In order to keep the number of alerts to a minimum we decided to group the unreconciled bank transactions into one alert.  This has the disadvantage that the variables set for the alert applied to all bank accounts.

Better Sales and Supplier Invoices Due Alerts

This was troubling me for a little while.  We gave you a pretty chart outlining what was overdue and becoming due but neglected to give you the key piece of information which was the data that made up those graphs.  Idiots!  As we were doing a bunch of work on the Xero hotlinks now felt like the time to put that right.  On both the Sales Invoices Due and Supplier Bills Due alerts we have now added in the table of transactions that need attention.  With added Xero Transaction Hotlinks and Xero Report Hotlinks.

To find out more:

Sales invoices due

Supplier bills due

Improved Portfolio View

The user and manager dashboards have always been driven by the idea of a portfolio hierarchy in that they only displayed clients you are assigned to.  We have now rolled that functionality out across all screens within Hindsight.  This means that you have complete lockdown on which users have access to which clients.  It was confusing to users that they could see clients that they did not act for and added to the noise which is what we are trying to reduce.

This does mean that unless you are assigned to a client using the client user roles you will not see that client in Hindsight.  Users with practice admin rights will need to make sure they assign the right clients to the right staff member.  We have added an additional page inside the practice admin tab called ‘clients’ so you can see which clients have no client user allocated and update accordingly.  Clicking on the client name will take you to that client to update.  You can also do this from users tab client access section.  However you choose to do it you MUST do it to ensure you maintain functionality for all users.

We highly recommend reading the following help guides.

Client user roles

Hindsight hierarchy

The practice dashboard has been renamed to Portfolio Dashboard as it now only shows the clients in your portfolio.  This dashboard will be replaced by a new version in the coming weeks.

Help Links and Information Hovers

As we expand what Hindsight does it can be difficult to remember what it does.  Even we are guilty of looking at something and wondering where on earth it came from.

Do you know how many things you juggle in a day?  Exactly a lot.  We don’t need to make it any harder so we have added in a few things to try and make life easier.  If you see an

 this will offer you a snippet of information.  Hover on it to find out more and if you see a  this is a link to a help guide on the knowledgebase.

There are no such thing as a stupid question so if you are struggling to understand where something has come from let us know.  You will not be the only person scratching their heads.

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Update Practice Defaults & Alert Settings Format

As we continue to add more alerts to Hindsight we thought it would make sense to start grouping the alerts together to make it easier to find things.  To this end we have added a simple header to the practice defaults screen and the client alert settings page to segregate the different alerts and hopefully make it a bit easier on the eye.  That was the intention anyway.

As always if you think there is an improvement to be made please let us know.


  • Fixes: Corrected an issue with future dated transactions alert where it did not always pick up on the fact that the transaction had been corrected resulting in the user having to dismiss the alert
  • Fixes: Removed old alert settings for bank alerts that were moved to their own tab last month

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