Product Update November 2021

This month sees us move our updates to a newsletter sent out to users.  We will continue to post an update once we have completed a release but it might be shorter than normal.

We continue to work on our VAT functionality and Workpapers solution which is our main focus for the foreseeable future.  While we carry out that work we will be adding a few new features and enhancements whilst continuing to keep on top of any bugs you may incur.


Client Overview Panel

We always felt a little underwhelmed by the client overview page when entering a client record.  It is far to say as we have built out other parts of Hindsight that feeling has grown stronger so we decided to give it a spruce up.  The above image outlines what you will now enjoy when looking at a client record (paid version).  This is part of a bigger plan where we bring everything that is available to you at Practice level into client level so you can do some deep work on individual clients.

Want to know what all of these metrics mean for you and your clients? Read more



Unreconciled Bank Transactions Alerts

This was one of the first alerts we built.  In order to keep the number of alerts to a minimum we decided to group the unreconciled bank transactions into one alert.  This has the disadvantage that the variables set for the alert applied to all bank accounts.

We heard you loud and clear that this did not offer enough flexibility as sometimes you don’t reconcile certain accounts at all (petty cash perhaps) or the level of unreconciled transactions varies account from account as to when you will complete the work.  We have moved the alert settings to the Bank Account Settings page where you can now find all bank related alert settings. Read more

Last Bank Reconciled Alert

As with the unreconciled alert this was one of the first alerts we built.  We had one alert to cover all bank accounts looking at how many days it had been since the account was fully reconciled.  This has now been split out so you can do with each account as you please.

This did not offer enough flexibility as you needed the ability to turn the alert off for some accounts and others were reconciled at different intervals.  The current account weekly and savings quarter for example.  We have moved the alert settings to the Bank Account Settings page where you can now find all bank related alert settings. Read more

Add ‘Free’ to Alert Filters

Following on from adding the free tier a month ago we had some feedback that we needed to make it easier to split out the free and paid alerts so we have updated the filter options on the top of the practice alerts and client level alerts so you can now toggle between the different alert types with ease.  By default all free alerts will appear at the bottom of the alerts list underneath the medium priority alerts. Read more


  • Fixes: Make User Dashboard charts larger, correct issue with top of chart being cut off, improve responsive layout
  • Fixes: Correct snooze date format on bank and credit card thresholds to be consistent with other alert settings
  • Fixes: Amend the responsive layout of the panels on the Free dashboard so items do not appear outside and underneath panels
  • Fixes: Ensure all panels are removed from the User and Manager Dashboards when all clients are set to ‘free’
  • Fixes: Add in the % trigger threshold on the overdraft and credit card thresholds
  • Fixes: Amend the calculation for the total client tiles on the clients page to show NA when all clients connected have no prior year data