Product Update October 2021

Only a little one for you this month.  We’ve been squashing a few bugs and teeing up the next release for later in the month.

You’ll be glad to hear that the ‘Coming Soon’ panel on your User and Manager dashboards has come and gone and been replaced with some real data.


User Performance Metrics

In order to see something on the performance panel as a user you need to be assigned to a client with the role of User.  Over the last 30 days we will calculate and populate the performance metrics for you.  There are 6 performance metrics we are monitoring currently.  We would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see here.

Average number of alerts per client – this is a calculation of the total number of alerts generated over the last 30 days divided by the number of clients you are assigned as a User.  This should be a good indicator of the workload, issues and problems that are being generated for the clients you are looking after.  A low number would show that you are keeping on top of your clients.

Percentage of Critical alerts generated – the percentage of alerts that you are assigned to as a user that have a priority status of critical.  A high % could indicate that you have too many alerts with critical priority.  Not all alerts and clients are created equal.  Perhaps there are certain areas within your client base that require tightening or there is an unfair split in the client base and you have been allocated the majority of the poor quality clients.

Percentage of alerts completed – this shows you how many alerts you have hit the complete button on over the last 30 days as a percentage of all the alerts generated you were assigned.  Items that have been auto completed by Hindsight are not included so it is important that you mark the alert as complete to get the credit for your hard work.

Average completion time – how long it takes you to complete an alert on average over the last 30 days from generation to hitting the complete button.  You want this to be as low as possible to demonstrate how quickly you correct any problems that occur.

Average Heart Rate – the average Heart Rate for the clients you are assigned to over the last 30 days.  The higher the score the better.  If you want to know which clients are holding you back check the Heart Rate panel to see the clients with the lowest Heart Rates for further investigation.

Transaction volume per client – the average volume of transactions per client over the last 30 days.  A high level of transactions could indicate that you are looking after the clients with the largest workload.  This in itself might not be a problem but if your other metrics are suffering it might be time to look at how the clients are split.

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Team Performance Metrics

As with the performance stats on the User dashboard if you are assigned to any clients as a Manager you will see the same 6 metrics displayed.  The big difference as a Manager is that your metrics are all built around the performance of you and your team.

In the example below you can see that our ranking is ‘out of 2’ which means there are 2 people assigned to clients as Manager in our practice.

Our team is built up of ‘Users’ assigned to the clients where you are the Manager.  As a guide if you check the Team Stats panel those same people are the ones included in the Performance stats where they are working on your clients.

The metrics calculated are the same as above so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with what they mean.

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Live Chat Support

We have added live chat to Hindsight so you can talk to us directly should you encounter an issue or have a general question.

This is manned so if it shows as being ‘offline’ we are on another chat or away from our desks.  Please do leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible but at the very latest the next working day.



  • Correct sync issue when a bank account name is amended
  • Adjust the bank sync job so bank accounts sync before alerts are generated
  • Correct an issue on the client view where the total tiles included organisations that had been disconnected
  • Amend alert settings modal to include a scroller on smaller display for bank and credit card to be able to update all settings
  • Amend the value displayed on the draft invoices and bills alerts to display the gross amount instead of net amount