Product Update September 2021

I was going to start this update with an apology as we were hopeful of getting this out to you before our official launch at the Digital Accountancy Show being held on 1st September.  As you can tell we missed that by a few weeks.

That being said I think you’ll like what we have to offer so much that I’ll let you be the judge of whether an apology is due or not.  Enjoy!

New – Peace of Mind

It is part of our mission that all small business owners feel the love not just those that sit within that top tier paying for ‘advisory’.  We get that you can’t justify paying for a software subscription for all clients when they are not paying for that additional level of support.  We aim to fix that by providing you for free the tools to start meaningful conversations with clients.  We hope that those conversations become fruitful for the accountant and the business owner.

Free Basic Alerts Suite

We have created a suite of 9 alerts that cover the bank, sales and bills.  These alerts are generated when clients are set to ‘free’ on the new billing tab under Practice Admin.  They are a guide to highlight where things may be going wrong and a prompt for conversations with clients.

If you have a mixture of paid and free clients you will find the basic alerts at the bottom of your alerts list.  They are also shown in the alerts filter so you can choose to look at just the free alerts.

Enjoy peace of mind that anything falling outside of the basic parameters is captured for every client completely free of charge.

New Dashboard

To complement the free basic alerts suite we have added a new dashboard where you can keep an eye on the ‘free’ alerts.  These alerts are not included in the metrics present on the other dashboards available.

Here you will be able to find information on the top 5 issues for each type of alert.  Once you have tackled those 5 issues they will be replaced by the next 5.  As you can see from the below unreconciled bank transactions are ordered by the largest monetary amount unreconciled as well as telling you the number of bank statement lines.  We believe this gives a better reflection of those clients records that are most likely to be inaccurate.  The data relating to invoices and bills is shown in the same way.

MOT Report

The MOT report highlights at client level those alerts that have triggered with commentary on why they have triggered.  This can be used as a guide for internal purposes but can also be saved as a PDF report (CTRL + P in your browser) and issued to a client should you wish to send them something to strike up a meaningful conversation.  This report will highlight to clients that you are going above and beyond the basics for them.

This will give clients peace of mind – you have their backs.

Example PDF Report


Client View Table

We have added the number of days until quarter end and year end into the client view table.  This enables you to sort your clients by how many days there are to the nearest quarters or years upcoming.

Whilst the columns in this table are draggable so you can change them to suit your requirements we have changed the default order of the columns so it runs in a more logical order and will avoid you having to drag so many columns around.  They can get heavy.


  • Correct issue with colour of average Heart Rate graph on User Dashboard, colour dependent on the average score achieved
  • Adjust Practice dashboard panels to improve sizing on smaller display
  • Remove current dashboard from dashboard dropdown selection options
  • Amend alert settings modal to include a scroller on smaller display to be able to update all settings
  • Amend formatting of bank and credit card alert if displaying negative balance