Product Update August 2021

Really excited as we build towards our official launch at the Digital Accountancy Show being held on 1st September.  Why not book a free ticket and come and see us there?

This is going to be the first of two-parter this month as we aim to have some more goodies ready before our official launch.

If you require any further information on the changes below then please checkout the updated Knowledgebase articles.


Manager Dashboard

To complement the new user dashboard we have now completed work on the manager dashboard.  This one is aimed at the seniors and middle management in your practice to help them focus their mind and attention on the key critical things.  What deadlines are upcoming, what is the quality of the records and what needs to be done and more importantly by whom.  Keep an eye on your clients and team without micro managing their every move.  Easily understand what needs attention and take corrective action.  Identify who your star performers are and congratulate them on doing a great job.

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With greater functionality comes more complexity.  Listening to feedback from our early adopters we have implemented a more rigorous onboarding process to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible and start filtering out that noise sooner.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to get step up in a few simple steps.



Alerts and Transactions at Client level

Whilst we see great value in having everything at a practice level we appreciate there are times when you wish to work on a client in isolation.  As such we have added the alerts and transactions data into the client screen.  This will enable you to spend time focusing on one client at a time.  Unlike the practice wide transaction view you now have the ability to sort the client level data by each column header.  We hope that by bringing everything together in this way it will make your life simpler as you could record a video to share with clients of their current position without worrying about inadvertently displaying information on another client.

You will now see a couple of additional tabs in the client screen and we have re-ordered the tabs so they appear in a more logical workflow.


Client Key Data colours

A small upgrade to make it easier to distinguish those upcoming client deadlines.  We have colour coded the Client Key Data panel to show you how close you are to an upcoming deadline.

Financial Year End – Less than 45 days pink, 46 – 120 orange, 121+ green

Next Quarter End – Less than 21 days pink, 22 – 45 orange, 45+ green

  • Renamed the misposted bills  alert to variance analysis to make it clearer
  • Added nominal account code name next the account code on the variance analysis for easy identification
  • Amended the Heart Rate score icons to show a switch if an alert is currently turned off.  This acts as a reminder when running the report which items are not currently active for that client.  Clicking on the switch will open a new window at the alert settings so you can update if required.
  • Amended the Heart Rate colour to reflect of a section has a 0 score available because all alerts in that section are turned off.


  • Corrected issue where alerts switched off impacted the Heart Rate scores
  • User dashboard now only shows alert graph for alerts where you are assigned to the alert not because you are assigned as a user at client level
  • User dashboard critical alerts only show the critical alerts where you are assigned to the alert not because you are assigned as a user at client level
  • Standard dashboard reverted back to showing top 3 items alone which has corrected the data displaying outside of the card
  • Temporarily removed the bank balance tile from the client overview screen to avoid the display issues with bank balances in multi currencies.  This will be returned once we find a better way to display this information.