Product Update July 2021

It’s a whopper.  Some big changes this month but more importantly key structural changes that will enable us to go further and provide more granular performance metrics in future releases.  As usual a big thanks to everyone for their feedback during this latest release.

If you require any further information on the changes below then please checkout the updated Knowledgebase articles.


User Dashboard

The old dashboard didn’t quite cut the mustard so we are pleased to launch the first of three new dashboards.  This one is aimed at the bookkeeper and junior members in your practice to help them focus their mind and attention on the key critical things.  What deadlines are upcoming, what is the quality of the records and what needs to be done and more importantly by whom.  Check out your alerts and heart rate monitors to maintain control over whether trends are moving in the right direction and if not take action.

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Practice Defaults

Now you can set your own practice wide defaults for alert settings.  This drives a consistent approach to how you look after clients.  Start with the defaults and then tweak them to suit every client.  This is a much quicker approach than going through each one individually.  Coupled with the new Client User Roles (more on that later) you don’t even have to spend time assigning alerts to people.  If someone leaves so what we’ve got it covered.  Magic.

If you have batches of clients to add in the same industry why not set defaults for that industry and then add the clients in batches.  They are your defaults you do with them as you see fit.

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Client User Roles

With this release the new dashboards became a reality.  We can filter out so much more noise by only ever showing client data at the right time to the right person.  You can easily determine who can see what and the actions they can take.  More importantly this change enables us to drive better reporting and metrics around individual and team performance and accountability.  We are so excited about this one as we see opportunities everywhere we look.

You must assign client roles to existing users in Hindsight for the new user dashboard functionality.

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Bookkeeping Status

Wouldn’t you like to know whether your team is genuinely better than your clients in relation to data processing?  (Maybe you’d rather not know but that defeats the object)  What if you could back that up with facts.  Hard evidence of how you could help your clients improve their life and business while taking away pain.  It might be small but it is mighty.

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We grew tired of staring at a table of numbers.  It didn’t talk to us.  We may as well have been looking at an Excel document so we changed it.  Behold the all new interactive transactions page where your Xero clients transactional data talks to you.  Select a period range and see the changes in volumes.  Someone not processing documents, someone growing quickly or perhaps an unusual seasonal fluctuation.  You’ve got this.

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Support Centre

A small upgrade to make it easier for you to find the stuff you need to get value from Hindsight.  No more hunting around.

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