Why do I need Hindsight

Imagine if you knew what was in the bank tomorrow, next week, next month even next year based on the information from your accounting system with one click.  

Now you know that think about the decisions you can make about your business, have you got the cash to grow, what impact will collecting my money quicker have, what options do I have if I am going to have a cash shortfall.

Everyone wishes they had Hindsight now they can.

Make quick, accurate, informed business decisions - welcome to the 21st century.

What does it do



Information direct from your online accounting software so it is always up to date and accurate with no fuss. Login anytime, anywhere just like your accounting software.


Put the spreadsheet down and take control of your business.  Dashboards, forecasting and reports in plain English with hints and help to make the most of your money.

Sharing is Caring

Collaborate on financial performance with management, directors and your accountant in real time. Make key critical decisions quickly based on up to date information.


Receive alerts direct to your inbox, daily, weekly, monthly you are in control. Save time, money and hassle by reducing bank charges and avoiding bounced payments.


Got a cash shortfall coming but not sure how to fund it? Look no further as we can show you the options available.  All from within the system.

How do I use it

If you're smart and use one of the following online accountancy packages you simply register your interest below and we will contact you when we are ready to rock your world. Then it is as simple as linking your account package and you're off.


What will it cost me

A lot less than you are wasting in lost productivity chasing numbers around a broken spreadsheet. Like us our prices are simple. Check out the information below and register.

£15 (24 USD, 30 NZD) per month per company

Accountant or Business Advisor? Register to find out about bulk discounts and additional partner features.

How can I try it

Register your interest below and we will contact you when we are ready for our close up.

Any Questions?